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It's starting to rain

Thanks for checking me out. If you don't mind, I will share a store about a little boy, around the age of 4 who couldn't wait for it to rain. Well, the story goes like this. An older neighbor boy shows this young boy and his older brother how to build a sailboat from a 2"x 4". This story goes way back into the mid 50's. The road in front where the little boy lived was not paved yet. So, the road had its potholes. Well let's bring this short story to an end. Mom cried out Terry it's starting to rain!  You guessed it. I was that little boy. Runing out of the house boat in hand with much anticipation. Sitting in front of that pothole waiting for it to fill, but it only sprinkled.    

Needless to say, but this was the start of my passion and my long career as a carpenter. Thru out my high school years I excelled in my wood working skills enough to be a student assistant and built furniture to sell outside the classroom. Speeding forward. Shortly after high school I married my lovely wife at the age of 19. I started building homes, additions and remodeling projects. Nevertheless, I built anything from picnic tables to cabinets to all different types of furniture. I have three great passions. Love of God, family and country. This is the reason I build wooden American Flags as my God given talent, and not to forget the freedom we sometimes take for granted.  More so, let us not forget the gift from God. He gave His Only Son Jesus who loves you so much to pay the death penalty for our sins. The freedom we have in this country comes at a high cost. Just the same as the high cost that Jesus paid for us, so you can live in Heaven with Him for all eternity. Jn. 3:16 Rm. 3:23, Rm. 6:23 

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